ARMX 4oz Candle Tin Guest Favor Special

$15.00 - $140.00 Coming Soon

Did someone say, “guest favors?” Text Aromeaux!! 504-516-8801!! It’s a DEAL!!! Regular Price: $2.50-$5.00 each depending on total count! 💥That’s up 70% OFF!!!! 💥Perfect for any event: Weddings, bridal parties, public + private organizations, social & please clubs, sororities, fraternities, girls trip, family/friend stocking stuffers, and many more! Let’s get started on your project!! Text us! Offer good through month of September (can be purchased in advance for any date in 2019!) it’s LITTTTT!!!!

*Custom Labels are an additional $15 per order*
*Add fragrance names in comments: 50ct 1-3 Fragrances, 100ct 1-5 Fragrances*
*Offer good for any date in 2019 once purchased*
*Valid the entire month of September*