ARMX Fragrance List w/ Descriptions

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#ARMXAnnualCandleDay November 10-24, 2019


Forbidden- Mystery and seduction inspired this deep aroma, this blend is special as its our #1 Top Seller. It’s airy and balanced with notes of salty ozone, sea salt, citrus, plum, Amber, black musk and more! We can’t tell you the special recipe, your nose will dance! 

Vieux Carre- Means French Quarters in French. A unique blend that gives the feel of a traditional New Orleans home with tobacco, whiskey, and vanilla bean.

Cashmere Fig- Crisp and Fresh Fig wrapped in a soft luscious cashmere blanket with notes of fig blossom, jasmine, and light musk. Note: This blend does not contain the cashmere fragrance, the name describes cashmere as a material, hence “blanket.”

Sandalwood- For the classic man and the sophisticated woman. Our unique touch on another classic fragrance. It’s smooth, earthy, and woody with notes of coriander, plum, and of course natural sandalwood 

Androgynous (Unisex)

Queen- A complex woody blend with a base rich with vanilla and sandalwood. Middle nots of amber, pineapple, and citrus it is then topped of with lavender and jasmine. High-end. 

InFamous- Rich, Sultry, Modern, High End! It’s The AromeaxTherapy + Co 2nd Anniversary Essential Oil Blend with notes of mandarin, jasmine and rich amber. If you’re an amber lover, this one if definitely for you!

Amber Groves- Appealing both to the masculine and feminine sensibilities. Elegant and universal with notes of oak-moss, sage and amber. The Great Battle of The A-Team, ARMX Forbidden or Amber Groves? Which side will you take? 

Brandied Pear- Aged Brandy and mouthwatering juicy pears. That’s right there’s Brandy inside. It’s a high-end blend!

Coconut Vanilla- A special ARMX touch on a classic blend of Vanilla, Sweet Peach, and Coconuts. It’s like no other! 


Nag Champa- Blends of musk, amber, and vanilla. If you haven’t smelled it, you HAVE to try it. You you know it, you HAVE to get it.  

Vetiver- A sophisticated mix of citrus, floral, and woody scent with notes of natural vetiver, dark musk, amber, geranium and lemon peel. 

Frankincense & Myrrh- “And they opened their treasure chest and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” Matt. 2:11 A classic and enchanting blend of natural myrrh and frankincense oils.

Patchouli- Earthy, nostalgic aroma. Brings you back to the flower child era with notes of cumin, clove, traces of jasmine, oud and amber.

White Birch- A unique, sophisticated, layer blend of your traditional pine with a luxurious mix of eucalyptus, fir needle, pine, birch tar, and cypress. May all your days be merry and bright! 

Sage & Pomegranate- Earthy sage, floral jasmine, and sweet pomegranate.

Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe- A romantic blend of warm citrus, cool peppermint, lush fir leaves, and winter cranberries. 

Trimming The Tree- We’ve jarred Christmas! Christmas spices of ginger, clove, cinnamon.. Evergreens like cypress and pine.. and the energy of Orange.



White Tea- Ultimate Luxurious spa fragrance. It begins with fresh notes of bergamot and mandarin then it blend beautifully with jasmine. It’s topped with exquisite white tea buds. Evokes a pleasant, soothing, ethereal atmosphere. 

Sea Salt & Orchid- An elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. Notice it’s crisp ozone notes of sea salt, calming notes of jasmine, and sweet cream! It’s fresh, floral with a light sweetness!

Grapefruit Mint Leaf- Sophisticated mint meets tangy grapefruit and then we deepened the connection with rhubarb.

Honey & Jasmine Water- Sticky, sweet honey combined with morning dew drenched jasmine with notes of honeysuckle, its all things Southern. Bright and lively with just the right amount of warmth and softness.

Gardenia Garden- Experience an exotic, yet delicate Japanese garden with notes of exquisite gardenia, crisp leaves, and fragrant tuberose. A sophisticated and classic fragrance. 

Oranges and Magnolia- Fresh orange blossoms, citrusy bergamot, blended with delicate magnolias.

Sweet Grass & Violet- Sweet basil, green grass, bergamot, watery cucumber, eucalyptus, and violet! Any Violet lovers? This one if definitely for you! A sunny atmosphere all year around.

Aqua Rose- Rain water infused with a bouquet of yellow, white, and red roses.

Lavender Bliss- It’s a true-to-life dream of lying in an enchanting meadow of fresh Lavender.


Strawberry Shortcake- Fresh strawberries, shortbread, and lots of whipped cream. Truly irresistible.

Cake N’ Almond- Birthday Cake! I Do.. Wedding Cake, Cupcake, you name it! Someones going to think you’re the best baker in town with this unique blend of sweet almond, cream and vanilla cake.

Lavender Vanilla- The calming scent of lavender infused with a warm hug of pure vanilla. It’s LIT! No flame required, That’s The Aromeaux Way!

Sincerely, Vanilla- My intense pure vanilla will linger. ARMX.. Sincerely, Vanilla 

Holiday Sangria- Ain’t no party like an A-R-M-X party because an A-R-M-X party don’t stop!!! One more time!!! It’s The Holiday Season, lets drink and reflect. Notes of orange peel, cranberry, and red wine! Smells like a modern holiday event! 

Blueberry Cheesecake- We may have Grandma’s famous blueberry cheesecake recipe! Fresh picked blueberries with cream and cinnamon. It’s delightfully delicious smelling!! 

Fall Into Fall- It’s like being a kid again and diving into a giant pile of Autumn leaves! Seasons change, the weather is cooler, its beginning to smell like the holidays with notes of fall leaves, pecans, and a dash of cinnamon! We don’t overdue cinnamon, it’s a new age thing! 

Island Coconut- This candle is like sipping a drink on the beach under the cabana. Cracked coconuts infused with fresh sweet pineapple juices, stirred in a bowl of sandalwood. I smell a vacation coming on!


Refreshed- Clean, soothing, long lasting, and refreshing notes of cucumber, chamomile, and cedar wood.

Lemon Lavender- The perfect stress reliever!! Clean, refreshing lemongrass combine with calming lavender.

Green Coconut & Bamboo Grass- Lush, luxurious, and airy. A beautifully grounded, yet sweet aroma with notes of green coconuts, mint, and driftwood. We call it a must-have! 

Clean Cotton- So Fresh So Clean Clean Cotton!! It’s the ultimate FRESH; crisp with notes of lemon, cotton blossoms, and violets! Clean up and laundry day has never been better. It’s The Aromeaux Way!

Lux Linen- Luxurious, upscale, plush, prestigious, are a few words that come to mind. A complex fragrance, perfect for foyers and living areas with notes of white tea, linen, and sheer musk.

Margaritaville- Sweet and salty limes with a shot of tequila. Welcome to the poolside cabana! It’s a vitalizing, citrusy clean feel. Enjoy! 

White Sage & Lavender- Soothing, intricate, and strong. A blend of pure lavender and white sage. Aromatherapy by AromeauxTherapy! 

Baby Powder- A true-to-life experience of pure white baby powder, its flows as smooth as a baby’s bottom


Raspberry Sangria- A tropical blend juicy red raspberries, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, coconut, cherries and tart red wine. Ready for round 2?

Sweet Nectar- A Super rich blend of peaches, plums, nectarines, mandarin, raspberries, and coconut water 

Blood Orange- Fresh true-to-life, juicy citrus of organic blood oranges. Full bodied scent with notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and neroli.

Pineapple Express- Captures the exotic scent of juicy, sweet pineapples and the unexpected coolness of eucalyptus.

Black Cherry- Sweet blend of ripe black berries, energizing orange peel, and a pinch of spicy clove with crystal musk!  

Mango Licorice- An exotic fusion of fresh mango with subtle tropical notes of papaya, peach, vanilla, tonka, and creamy coconut  

Hurricane- Get swept away in this Jamaican Hurricane or should I say this ARMX Hurricane. We are ready to blow you away with exotic blends of ripe pineapple, mandarin, plum, and apple, succulent melon and creamy coconut which will leave you feeling right on the beach. And what’s a vacation without the rum?

Mangosteen- Mangosteen begins with a citrus punch, a hint of peach balanced by the naturally derived sweetness of grapefruit